Salute to a Bygone Era

Last month we paid tribute to the Victorians the only way we at Shades of Grape know how: with prudent amounts of wine, gloriously inspirational artwork in all its forms, and a little Romance.  This is a quick look back at our Very Victorian Valentine’s Day wine painting dinner and our magnificent dinner guests who made the night so special.  They were game, they were inspired, and boy could they paint.

Let us first set the scene!  We always want to inspire our guests with atmosphere, music, and example artwork.  But we pulled out the stops for Victorian night—our artists needed to step into another world.  So we surrounded them with artifacts of the era.




It was a two-night affair—too good for just one sitting—that brought us two distinctly fabulous groups of student artists.  Night one brought engineers, a dancer, and even a scientist-poet, among many other art lovers.  That night, some rediscovered their curiosity for the painting artform, others were introduced to it for the first time.



Night two brought a gaggle of would-be artists visiting from the UK and a couple of proud Capetonians who held their own, blending the themes and ideas suggested to them into their own wild wine-based concoctions.


A skull–an artifact of the dark side of Romance–from one diligent student who labored meticulously in the back row, was a class favorite.


DSC01882And in tribute to the season of love, our artists left with a special souvenir to remember their creative experience by: a selection of chocolates, of course, from Franschhoek’s own Huguenot Chocolates, and a vial of GlenWood wine paint.




In sum, February was one of the most exciting wine painting workshops for Shades of Grape yet, due in large part to our lovely dinner guests and their creative spirit.  Many told us they were inspired by the experience, but we insist that it is we who were inspired.

Continuing with the theme of cultural zeitgeist, look forward to our April session when we will be riding the wave of the Cape Tow Jazz Festival into our workshop  with a class inspired by rhythm & blues, improvisation, and mad soul.